Augmented Reality Art–I’ll keep My Reality Un-Augmented…at least for now.

Posted by on Jun 12, 2009 in Advertising, Art | No Comments

Augmented reality technology might one day be ubiquitous. Everybody might walk around wearing heads-up display glasses projecting directions, emails, text messages, various widgets and tags onto their field of vision. Will this technology liberate artists and their audience from billboard advertising or isolate and confine them into their own little worlds? Will augmented reality create a space for free expression or an opportunity for targeted marketing messages? I’m sure this technology could enable advertisers to deliver personalized billboard messages. Maybe we will opt-in to socially augmented reality groups in order to view art or advertising? Let’s hope augmented reality will make cool things possible and make life easier.

Heads-up closed captioning goggles for deaf people?

Heads-up subtitle-style translation goggles for traveling over-seas?

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