500 Albums Progressive Web Application

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500 Albums is a simple mobile web app that I designed and built to practice design and development. The app helps me find good albums when I am at the record store. If you visit the link above on Android, you will see a banner with an “Add to Home Screen” button. On iOS, you […]

Design Sprints

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Design Sprints

I am a believer in kicking off product design initiatives with design sprints. The design sprint system will not work for every design problem but they are a great tool for condensing design thinking into an agile product development cycle. Design sprints encourage collaboration, draw out deep product knowledge hidden within the organization, build empathy […]


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A blog post about CSUN is long overdue. I attended CSUN last year in San Diego and it was eye-opening. I had attended Austin’s A11y meetup semi-regularly in the past, but until I had attended CSUN I had not realized how vast the world of accessibility is. Innovations like Alexa and Google Assistant are mass-market […]

Web Designer Depot Accessibility Article

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I wrote an article inspired by all that I have learned so far about accessibility on Web Designer Depot.

Patterns with Processing

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Over the last year or so I have been experimenting on and off with Processing, the programing platform for designers and artists. You can see the full potential of Processing in a book I recommend called Generative Gestaltung. But Processing doesn’t have to be used to create interactive prototypes or generative art. It can also […]

Simply-List: iOS Web App with Local Storage

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As Steve Jobs famously said, “Design is how it works.” The role of a Web designer increasingly requires some ability to write code because good design goes beyond appearances. I built my own mobile web app to challenge myself to design a web app that would look and feel like a native iOS app. A […]

Coffee Blog Post on RPA’s blog

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In July I traveled to Costa Rica to attend a friend’s wedding. During the trip I was able to visit a coffee plantation. Ever since then I have thought about the visit whenever I fill my coffee cup at RPA. I wrote a short blog post about my experience on RPA’s culture blog.

Robert Egger

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It’s always encouraging to hear a designer talk about what inspires them. Regardless of the field, design attracts people who are dedicated to making everything that they touch better. Design ideas do seem to come directly from the experience of working with your hands, even if it just means sketching before heading to the computer.

Who killed the inactive button state? – Blog Post on UX Booth

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A few weeks ago I was designing a web application that included a form. When it came time to design and spec the submit button and I realized that including an inactive (or disabled) state for submit button was not only unnecessary, but it would detract from the usability of the application. Please check out […]

Digital Photography Cheat Sheet

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An awesome digital photography cheat sheet by Miguel Yatco for keeping all the details straight.