Videogames and the Art of Storytelling

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Annual video game sales are now regularly exceed Hollywood box office receipts. Video games are becoming the dominate popular art form of our era, but they are still largely a misunderstood medium. Video games were once played only by children, teens and nerds and there has been very little appreciation by their creators or their […]

Spoilrr AR Presentation

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What started as an opportunity to learn Flex and the AR toolkit has begun to look more and more like an opportunity for making AR technology useful, ubiquitous and socially relevant.

Printing Helvetica Neue

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Helvetica Neue is an attractive, versatile font, but have you ever tried to use it on a Mac running Leopard? How about sending print-ready PDF files using Helvetica Neue to a printer? In order to fix the font conflicts and create PDFs that didn’t drop apostrophes I deleted all my Postscript versions of Helvetica Neue […]

Mental Note (Comic)

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Just a random web comic idea I had the other day and finally sketched up.

CS5 vs. Coda/Pixelmator

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CS5 is out and it has fully adopted Cocoa, which means it should perform faster than CS3 or CS4 on a Mac, but there are non-Adobe options for image editing and web development that been running well on Macs for years.  I have tried Pixelmator and Coda and I am impressed with both.  Although Pixelmator […]


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This site is truly amazing. Wonderfl is an online ActionScript compiler with an interface that encourages code-sharing. It’s an online community for ActionScript developers. The game above is as sophisticated as the old arcade game that inspired it and you can peek under the hood at the code that makes it work ( to play […]

3D Scanner

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This is absolutely incredible, being able to make a copy of anything so quickly will revolutionize how 3D models are built. This 3D scanner is another development that will interface the virtual and physical world. Functional AR applications that recognize gestures and respond to GPS coordinates presage a natural user interface that will eventually make […]

3DeeCards – Augmented Reality Cards

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E-cards can be kind of cheesy and paper cards are a little…flat.  That’s why I created a web app called 3DeeCards that lets you create a card with a 3D augmented reality object inside that you can print out and send to a friend.  I came up with the concept, developed the logo and designed […]

Corner Store – Documentary

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Corner Store is a documentary that tells the story of one particular corner store in San Francisco and its proprietor. I created this little mircosite to help promote the film. Hopefully it will be on the film festival circuit soon please check it out.

The Art of Matte Painting

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When a movie is being made, and a landscape, set or location proves too difficult or too expensive to shoot, matte artists create matte paintings to fill the frame.