Coffee Blog Post on RPA’s blog

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In July I traveled to Costa Rica to attend a friend’s wedding. During the trip I was able to visit a coffee plantation. Ever since then I have thought about the visit whenever I fill my coffee cup at RPA. I wrote a short blog post about my experience on RPA’s culture blog.

Stephen Powers Sign Painter

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Quoted from Drawn. Hand-painted lettering is powerful and eclectic, but also unique and surprising. There’s nothing else quite like a hand-painted sign.

Important Statistics about Copywriters

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This made the rounds about a month ago, but it’s funny.

Flip-book animation

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Disney XD – Pair of Kings from saggyarmpit on Vimeo. Two flip-book style animations. Both of these are about a year old but still very cool.

VB&P’s Campaign for Marin County Schools

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Being from Marin, and caring a lot about education, it’s great to read about Venables Bell & Partners donating their time and resources to help bring attention to school budget cuts. The audience for these ads in Marin may have deep enough pockets to help turn the situation around, but unfortunately most schools won’t be […]

Denny’s Web Video Ad with Sarah Silverman

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It’s kind of surprising that they’re discussing anal warts in an ad for a food brand, but it’s a funny spot. They do know their audience, as they demonstrated with stoned unicorn ad in 2009. It’s good to see that they do some things besides TV ads with shots of food. Production Company: DumbDumb Productions […]

Videogames and the Art of Storytelling

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Annual video game sales are now regularly exceed Hollywood box office receipts. Video games are becoming the dominate popular art form of our era, but they are still largely a misunderstood medium. Video games were once played only by children, teens and nerds and there has been very little appreciation by their creators or their […]

Printing Helvetica Neue

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Helvetica Neue is an attractive, versatile font, but have you ever tried to use it on a Mac running Leopard? How about sending print-ready PDF files using Helvetica Neue to a printer? In order to fix the font conflicts and create PDFs that didn’t drop apostrophes I deleted all my Postscript versions of Helvetica Neue […]

Corner Store – Documentary

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Corner Store is a documentary that tells the story of one particular corner store in San Francisco and its proprietor. I created this little mircosite to help promote the film. Hopefully it will be on the film festival circuit soon please check it out.

Augmented Reality Art–I’ll keep My Reality Un-Augmented…at least for now.

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Augmented reality technology might one day be ubiquitous. Everybody might walk around wearing heads-up display glasses projecting directions, emails, text messages, various widgets and tags onto their field of vision. Will this technology liberate artists and their audience from billboard advertising or isolate and confine them into their own little worlds? Will augmented reality create […]