New BooneOakley Site

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I blogged a while ago about Follow Your Instinct shortly after it came out.  It opened up amazing posibilities because it was the first creative use of buttons embeded in Youtube videos.  BooneOakley’s new website is another example. What’s incredible is that BooneOakley has completely committed to Youtube as their format. Their youtube site will […]

Portfolio Site Redesign

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It has been a long time since I’ve posted here. I like having this blog attached to my portfolio site because it lets me post material that wouldn’t fit in my portfolio. Over the last couple of months a lot of work has gone into the portfolio side of my website while I’ve forgotten the […]

Mao Widget

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Here’s the widget component of our campaign.  I can’t believe we made a widget.  It’s ridiculous.


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Scott Hansen is an artist/designer with a great blog at ISO50. He recently re-linked readers to a post about his work process.  The project was a print for Obama’s campaign fundraising.  Every artist, illustrator, art director or designer has their own unique process, but all creative disciplines require a meticulous attention to detail.  Real projects […]


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AICP is an annual award show that selects the best commercials each year to celebrate creative commercial film-making. The commericals that are accepted are considered art and become part of the archives of MoMA’s Department of Film. Tristan, Raquel, Holly and I were honored to create the campaign to drive AICP entries this year. Check […]

Papervision3D and Nike Kick Creator

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Nike's Kick Creator in Papervison3D is a great example of what can be done with this technology. Papervision3D itself is a big development for the Flash community because it dramatically increases the program's technical capacities. It's been around for a couple of years now.  Last year Papervision3D projects for Absolute and Sony Bravia won several […]

Mentos KissCam

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Over the summer I wanted to include a webcam app in a banner ad project.  It probably isn’t technically feasible yet to put a webcam in a banner but when a webcam can be used it opens up a whole new level of interaction online.  BBH put the webcam to good use on this microsite […]

Sir John Hegarty at VCU Brandcenter

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Last week John Hegarty came to speak at the Brandcenter. Hegarty is a very accomplished British advertising executive, co-founder of TBWA, London, and founding partner of BBH. Hegarty showed his reel to the school and talked about what makes good work. In brief: simplicity, truth, irreverence, creating fame and great product demonstrations. He was very […]

Some of my favorite Banner Ads

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It’s hard to like banner ads.  Most banner ads are annoying because that’s their tactic for drawing attention.  But when banner ads are done well we interact with them because they’re interesting.  Here are a few of my favorite from Banner Blog.  These ads earn our attention with their self-referential cleverness.  These ads don’t flash […]

What goes Viral

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I wrote a blog post here (which I had to completely re-write) about how agencies at the time (2008) typically released several “viral” videos as a sort of campaign, hoping at least one of them would catch on. I suspect that even then, that scatter-shot approach was a poor way to create an impact online. […]