Patterns with Processing

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Over the last year or so I have been experimenting on and off with Processing, the programing platform for designers and artists. You can see the full potential of Processing in a book I recommend called Generative Gestaltung. But Processing doesn’t have to be used to create interactive prototypes or generative art. It can also […]

Digital Photography Cheat Sheet

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An awesome digital photography cheat sheet by Miguel Yatco for keeping all the details straight.

Stephen Powers Sign Painter

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Quoted from Drawn. Hand-painted lettering is powerful and eclectic, but also unique and surprising. There’s nothing else quite like a hand-painted sign.

Awesome Watercolor Animation

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Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane) – HD from Ed Banger Records on Vimeo. Quoted/Stolen from: 72dpi

Flip-book animation

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Disney XD – Pair of Kings from saggyarmpit on Vimeo. Two flip-book style animations. Both of these are about a year old but still very cool.

Videogames and the Art of Storytelling

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Annual video game sales are now regularly exceed Hollywood box office receipts. Video games are becoming the dominate popular art form of our era, but they are still largely a misunderstood medium. Video games were once played only by children, teens and nerds and there has been very little appreciation by their creators or their […]


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This site is truly amazing. Wonderfl is an online ActionScript compiler with an interface that encourages code-sharing. It’s an online community for ActionScript developers. The game above is as sophisticated as the old arcade game that inspired it and you can peek under the hood at the code that makes it work ( to play […]

The Art of Matte Painting

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When a movie is being made, and a landscape, set or location proves too difficult or too expensive to shoot, matte artists create matte paintings to fill the frame.

The Art of Code

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Sometimes art isn’t a tangible object but an experience. Since installation and video art emerged in the 90s, these artists have embraced digital technology. Toby Joe explains how the frameworks for animation are evolving in a cross-posted blog post Toward the Bare Metal: From Flash to Processing, OpenFrameworks, and Beyond, “A lot of people moved […]

Augmented Reality Art–I’ll keep My Reality Un-Augmented…at least for now.

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Augmented reality technology might one day be ubiquitous. Everybody might walk around wearing heads-up display glasses projecting directions, emails, text messages, various widgets and tags onto their field of vision. Will this technology liberate artists and their audience from billboard advertising or isolate and confine them into their own little worlds? Will augmented reality create […]