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Scott Hansen is an artist/designer with a great blog at ISO50. He recently re-linked readers to a post about his work process.  The project was a print for Obama’s campaign fundraising.  Every artist, illustrator, art director or designer has their own unique process, but all creative disciplines require a meticulous attention to detail.  Real projects […]

Digital Photography

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HDR (high dynamic range) photography is one of the most interesting digital post-processing techniques to emerge in the last few years. I found tutorials on HDR and experimented with the technique last year (above). But digital photography has not only created new post-processing techniques, but also changed the way we shoot pictures. This site explains […]

Hollywood Cemetary

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Hollywood Cemetery is a bizarre spot. Cemeteries are time capsules, and Hollywood cemetery preserves Richmond’s history from around 1849 to present. Two U.S. presidents are buried here along with twenty two Confederate generals and over 18,000 Confederate soldiers. It’s the contradictions in the cemetery and its forgotten stories that make it interesting. A more complete […]

Encaustic at Anderson Gallery

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I went to see “The Divas and Iron Chefs of Encaustic” at the Anderson Gallery at VCU.  Encaustic is an ancient technique that is increasingly relevant to painters today because it’s hard to reproduce.  There is no digital equivalent.  Each piece is unique and most of these pieces incorporate carvings or sculptural elements like fiberglass […]