Design Sprints

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Design Sprints

I am a believer in kicking off product design initiatives with design sprints. The design sprint system will not work for every design problem but they are a great tool for condensing design thinking into an agile product development cycle. Design sprints encourage collaboration, draw out deep product knowledge hidden within the organization, build empathy […]

Robert Egger

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It’s always encouraging to hear a designer talk about what inspires them. Regardless of the field, design attracts people who are dedicated to making everything that they touch better. Design ideas do seem to come directly from the experience of working with your hands, even if it just means sketching before heading to the computer.

Stephen Powers Sign Painter

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Quoted from Drawn. Hand-painted lettering is powerful and eclectic, but also unique and surprising. There’s nothing else quite like a hand-painted sign.

Three basic Illustrator tricks

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Lots of helpful Illustrator features are hidden in special key-commands or in the many Illustrator drop-down menus or dialog boxes. These tips may seem trivial, but I know I would have learned Illustrator faster if I’d started out knowing these basic tricks: Creating smooth paths The are several ways to achieve smooth paths without perfect […]

Where is Autosave for Photoshop?

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I’ve lost work as a result of Photoshop or Illustrator crashes many, many times. It’s easy to forget to save, or wait too long before hitting save again. Why doesn’t Photoshop include an auto save feature like InDesign or After Effects? Even the CS5 versions lack auto save functionality. Sure, auto save can disrupt your […]