Mental Note (Comic)

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Just a random web comic idea I had the other day and finally sketched up.

3D Scanner

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This is absolutely incredible, being able to make a copy of anything so quickly will revolutionize how 3D models are built. This 3D scanner is another development that will interface the virtual and physical world. Functional AR applications that recognize gestures and respond to GPS coordinates presage a natural user interface that will eventually make […]

The future of the web

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I found this on my friend Tristan’s blog This is a Curated Life and I think it’s one of the most remarkable presentations I have seen of the potential convergence of ambient web technology, data visualization, and touch screen/heads up display technology. It’s produced by Microsoft Office Labs. Envision a future where information is ubiquitous […]

Eric Schmidt at VCU

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Eric Schmidt,CEO of Google, talked at VCU about how Obama will have a positive impact on America’s economy. Dependence on fossil fuels, creating export jobs, investing in technologies that matter, lowering oil prices, making America safer and reducing climate change can all be adressed through new national policies.

Mad Men and Advertising

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Wired recently interviewed Benjamin Palmer from the Barbarian Group in order to investigate the accuracy of the fictional TV show Mad Men.  Palmer is on the cutting edge but he did a good job of briefly summarizing the last 50 years of advertising.

Packaging Design

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Packaging design is a crucial part of the advertising and marketing of packaged goods.  It can be a challenging disciple.  The and greenUPGRADER are a couple of inspiring sites that exhibit great package designs.


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Blender is an open-source 3d program that a co-worker showed me over the summer.  I’ve begun to learn the program since then because 3d and motion programs are will probably become part of the advertising business.  I helped work on banner ad projects that involved CGI and 3d components.  I think there are a couple […]

Motion Graphics Design at Trollbäck+Company

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Jakob Trollbäck came to speak to the Brandcenter last Friday about his company that specializes in motion graphics design.  It was an inspiring talk for me because I didn’t know anything about the motion graphics business.  We’ve probably all seen his firm’s work when we watch cable TV.  Trollbäck+Company designs much of the segments that […]


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So CS4 is out.  You can donwload a beta version of the new Dreamweaver here.  CS4 Dreamweaver has menus that follow the patterns developed in the other CS3 programs.  Live View is a new preview function for Deamweaver that should make web development easier.  Photoshop CS4 is able to paint 3D objects and Flash CS4 […]

Painted signs in Richmond

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Richmond’s age is apparent in its old painted billboards that are still visible on many brick walls. These are poor outdoor ads, but they are like archeological relics from the past. These layers of paint are ads that became part of our culture and altered the physical landscape. Advertising can say a lot about the […]