500 Albums Progressive Web Application

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500 Albums is a simple mobile web app that I designed and built to practice design and development. The app helps me find good albums when I am at the record store. If you visit the link above on Android, you will see a banner with an “Add to Home Screen” button. On iOS, you […]

Design Sprints

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Design Sprints

I am a believer in kicking off product design initiatives with design sprints. The design sprint system will not work for every design problem but they are a great tool for condensing design thinking into an agile product development cycle. Design sprints encourage collaboration, draw out deep product knowledge hidden within the organization, build empathy […]


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A blog post about CSUN is long overdue. I attended CSUN last year in San Diego and it was eye-opening. I had attended Austin’s A11y meetup semi-regularly in the past, but until I had attended CSUN I had not realized how vast the world of accessibility is. Innovations like Alexa and Google Assistant are mass-market […]

Web Designer Depot Accessibility Article

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I wrote an article inspired by all that I have learned so far about accessibility on Web Designer Depot.

Who killed the inactive button state? – Blog Post on UX Booth

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A few weeks ago I was designing a web application that included a form. When it came time to design and spec the submit button and I realized that including an inactive (or disabled) state for submit button was not only unnecessary, but it would detract from the usability of the application. Please check out […]