3DeeCards – Augmented Reality Cards

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E-cards can be kind of cheesy and paper cards are a little…flat.  That’s why I created a web app called 3DeeCards that lets you create a card with a 3D augmented reality object inside that you can print out and send to a friend.  I came up with the concept, developed the logo and designed […]

Corner Store – Documentary

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Corner Store is a documentary that tells the story of one particular corner store in San Francisco and its proprietor. I created this little mircosite to help promote the film. Hopefully it will be on the film festival circuit soon please check it out.

The Art of Code

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Sometimes art isn’t a tangible object but an experience. Since installation and video art emerged in the 90s, these artists have embraced digital technology. Toby Joe explains how the frameworks for animation are evolving in a cross-posted blog post Toward the Bare Metal: From Flash to Processing, OpenFrameworks, and Beyond, “A lot of people moved […]

New BooneOakley Site

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I blogged a while ago about Follow Your Instinct shortly after it came out.  It opened up amazing posibilities because it was the first creative use of buttons embeded in Youtube videos.  BooneOakley’s new website is another example. What’s incredible is that BooneOakley has completely committed to Youtube as their format. Their youtube site will […]

Image Replacement and CSS Sprites

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Two of the web development techniques that together account for many of the improvements to the appearance of our favorite sites on the web over the last five years are Image replacement and CSS sprites. Behind the scenes, both of them creatively use existing code like <span> tags and CSS in new ways. Image replacement lets […]

Papervision3D and Nike Kick Creator

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Nike's Kick Creator in Papervison3D is a great example of what can be done with this technology. Papervision3D itself is a big development for the Flash community because it dramatically increases the program's technical capacities. It's been around for a couple of years now.  Last year Papervision3D projects for Absolute and Sony Bravia won several […]


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The same technique used in a campaign that won a Cannes Lion this year is available online.  This ASCII-O-Matic program is part of a whole site called t.y.p.o.r.g.a.n.i.s.m. that is devoted to the idea that type is alive.  It’s one of seven different typographic experiments.  They’re working in a place where type, graphics, motion, sound […]

Don’t Click It

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This site has been up for about a year.  I thought this was a pretty remarkable site when I found it today.  Eliminating the mouse click is an inspiring idea for web design, but I think everything should be built this way.  It’s just a more pleasant experience to navigate a page without having to […]

Web Typography

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You probably already know about I love typography. It’s a great site that inspires and teaches us about typography. One aspect the site doesn’t seem to cover is online typography. As somebody who is a student of web design and typography, that’s unfortunate. The web is overtaking the importance of print in our daily lives, […]


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So CS4 is out.  You can donwload a beta version of the new Dreamweaver here.  CS4 Dreamweaver has menus that follow the patterns developed in the other CS3 programs.  Live View is a new preview function for Deamweaver that should make web development easier.  Photoshop CS4 is able to paint 3D objects and Flash CS4 […]