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A blog post about CSUN is long overdue. I attended CSUN last year in San Diego and it was eye-opening. I had attended Austin’s A11y meetup semi-regularly in the past, but until I had attended CSUN I had not realized how vast the world of accessibility is.

Innovations like Alexa and Google Assistant are mass-market products but also useful for making the digital world more accessible. Calculators that were designed digital-first like Desmos will likely improve math literacy over time by separating and eliminating the struggle to learn the calculator interface from the process of learning geometry or algebra.

Transformative technologies that can translate voice to text (Alexa, etc), Nemeth Braille to LaText (Pearson Equation Editor), and handwriting or speech to LaText (equatio by texthelp) are not only making learning accessible for everyone but changing the way all humans interact with computers.

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