Papervision3D and Nike Kick Creator

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Nike's Kick Creator in Papervison3D is a great example of what can be done with this technology. Papervision3D itself is a big development for the Flash community because it dramatically increases the program's technical capacities. It's been around for a couple of years now.  Last year Papervision3D projects for Absolute and Sony Bravia won several awards including a Canne Lion. There are good tutorials out there now and I've found learning to use Papervision3D is easier than I thought. These are the one's I've found helpful:


Papervision3D project:

I'm looking forward to learning Papervision3D, but as a future marketer, I have been a little skeptical about Papervision3D's efficacy as part of a campaign. Bandwidth is still an issue with larger Flash sites, and so far Papervision3D has mainly been used to improve navigation.  Papercritters was the first site I saw that used 3D in a way that made it more than just eye-candy. Nike's Kick Creator does this too. RG/A has used Nike's site to demonstrate how Papervision3D can be a strong marketing tool. Online 3D technologies will take off when normal people can create, send and print 3D models they make online.

UPDATE 6/12/09:

Since I started experimenting with Papervision I tried out Away 3D and I found this tutorial really straight forward. That's how I ended up with this.

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